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Class of 2018 Insights @ Penn

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2018 Series . Zishan Li

In the Class of 2018 series, Zishan talks about overcoming failures and setbacks.

"Teachers and parents are always telling us to step outside our comfort zone. The reality is we subconsciously avoid anything that will put us in an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation. It’s an instinct that we are all born with to weave a safety net for any kind of emotional free fall. At Endevvr, we are taught that we succeed by failing over and over again. Failures and setbacks are defining. The most embarrassing and bitter moments in life catalyze our growth and help us become more clear that who we are as a person."

Read more about Zishan's perspective on overcoming setbacks here.


2018 series . YI Chen Chong

In the Class of 2018 series, Yi Chen talks about the nature of learning-by-doing.

"Perhaps the quiet, shy member of a group happened to be the most insightful. Or perhaps there were hidden talents in someone that we did not see. And sometimes we even learned about ourselves. But the important thing is that we have learned."

Read more about Yi Chen's experience at Endevvr 2018 here.


In high school? Become an entrepreneur.

Endevvr is a 5-week, residential summer incubator program held for rising 11th and 12th graders. In 2019, Endevvr will be held from June 29 to August 3 at the University of Pennsylvania.


Learn and live at the University of Pennsylvania.

Endevvr runs for five weeks. We are a full-time, hands-on residential program that helps our teams of high school students start real companies while living & learning at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Be bold. Be fearless. Start a real company this summer.

Within two weeks, you and your team will have a real working product. You'll have met your customers. How? Because you can. Because we will push you. And we show you how.

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Make lifelong friendships with the top students from around the world.

Internationally competitive, Endevvr selects only the best students for our five-week incubator program. Our past participants have hailed from 5 countries and over 20 states.

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Learn from experienced entrepreneurs.

Our team members have incredible resumes, hailing from Ivy League colleges and working at the world's most selective companies. But the best part? They create a caring, meritocratic culture.

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Your potential is waiting.

We know you can start a company. What are you waiting for?

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