Class of 2018 Insights: Jun Lee

Jun Lee, Endevvr Class of 2018

Jun Lee, Endevvr Class of 2018

We are happy to introduce our Class of 2018 Student Insight series starting with Jun Lee. Thank you Jun for kicking us off! -Martin


"The summer of 2018 at Endevvr thus far has truly been a transformative experience that has not only shown me a new way of thinking, but a new way of life.

I walked into the program thinking that all the knowledge surrounding entrepreneurship would be crammed into my brain, and that I would eventually walk out ready to take on the business world and be the next Mark Cuban. However, that could not have been farther from the truth.

I quickly came to realize and understand the unorthodox style of teaching at Endevvr: we learn by doing and failing. Through this simple yet crude process, I began to journey through the life of an entrepreneur.

As we began to experience the highs and lows of starting a business, the number of resources at our fingertips proved to be crucial in not only identifying the assumptions our business was making, but the amount of knowledge, wisdom, and care the mentors put into our venture. To accelerate the startup process, each team was matched with a mentor who specialized in the certain industry that they were trying to break into; the conversations with our mentors have always been casual yet business-oriented, tailored specifically towards our problem, and effective in brainstorming solutions. I eventually noticed that these people are here, giving their time, only because they sincerely care about our passion to make a difference.

The countless resources at Endevvr doesn’t stop there. Being located in the hub of Philadelphia at one of the best business schools in the country allows for all sorts of speakers to come and share their experience as an entrepreneur. These distinguished speakers are each astonishingly accomplished in their own respect, and the advice given is one of a kind. Take, for example, David Zamarin who was featured on Shark Tank at the age of 19 and successfully closed a deal in less than an hour. Because of his tumultuous journey as a young entrepreneur when he was our age, his story was directly relatable and resonated with me deeply.

Lastly, merely being in the presence of like-minded students who are driven to begin a business creates a unique culture that fosters lifelong friendships and fun; the late-night talks about existentialism and walking up to random people to conduct surveys all create memorable moments that are bound to last forever."

Martin Miller