What grade levels do you accept?

We accept students who are:

  • Current sophomores (10th grade); these students will be rising juniors during the summer program

  • Current juniors (11th grade); these students will be rising seniors during the summer program

What is your acceptance rate?

Endevvr is a highly competitive summer program. Our students say that the people they meet at Endevvr are some of the most talented people they have ever met (and we agree!).

We do not publish our acceptance rates as we find it is a distraction to the actual learning and transformation that we value during the summer. We do not want the focus to be unnecessarily on the numbers. Your peers will meet a high bar to become accepted; this is all you need to know!

Will I work on a team or by myself?

Both are options. Every year, we have a slightly different structure depending on the unique class we select. Sometimes, we have all teams. Other times, we have more solopreneurs. We will share this selection process with you once the summer starts.

What makes Endevvr special?

We invite you to read our Vision, our Alumni stories, and to visit the What You Learn sections.

We feel that all three of these pages do a nice job describing our philosophy, showing you the types of people we select for the program (and what they accomplish!), and also giving you a real flavor of what the program is like. Between the three of them, you will get a sense for what makes the program so special (and what makes the Endevvr group chats still lively, years later...).

How much is Endevvr tuition?

Tuition for the 2019 program is $6995. This includes housing for the duration of the 5 weeks of the summer, a meal credit for the dining halls and surrounding restaurants, and all program supplies, instructional fees, transportation costs, and facilities fees. A limited number of partial merit-based scholarships are available.